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Getting your medicine scripts in Auckland without delay

Unichem Royal Oak takes its responsibility to you seriously. When you need medicine, scripts or repeats, you need them now, not later. We have a pharmacist on duty all day, every day of the week. Or if you work during the week, you may prefer Thursday evenings. 

Over-the-counter medication

We have trained staff to help you understand the fine print. They can explain everything clearly and enable you to make the decision that is just right for your or your family's health.

Support on health issues

Our trained staff will be happy to discuss any concerns you may be having with your health and help point you in the right direction. Sometimes it is good just to have someone else to talk to and discuss your questions with. Here at Unichem Royal Oak, and we pride ourselves on helping you find the correct answers to all your medical concerns. 

Additional products

We always supply the latest health and beauty products that go beyond making you feel good, by making you look great! Last-minute gifts and other needs are made available to you throughout the year. We are always a good place to stop for that last-minute gift. Our staff will even help you wrap it.
Medicines Pharmacy Royal Oak
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